MIni Militia Tips and tricks

Mini Militia or scientifically Doodle Army 2: mini Militia could be a in style multiplayer game of nowadays. it's a stick bashed shooter game and may be contend on-line and Offline. There ar several ranks within the game and lots of weapons additionally.


You may hate this game once the primary time you see someone taking part in it, however once you play it, i’m damn certain that you’ll get habitual a bit like Pine Tree State. There are several nice options that created me like this game mostly .


Some options of Doodle Army 2: mini Militia apk game


The installation size of this game is just 42MB of size.

It are often contend with our half-dozen friends at the same time in multiplayer mission exploitation moveable Hotspot while not web affiliation.


It are often contend among our Google and friends by initiatory them to the sport.

Less consumption of Mobile knowledge whereas taking part in on-line

Google Play Games Reward points for every of the achievements secured within the game.

the sole one golem action game that has the foremost quality.




Another good thing concerning this game is that you simply will beat your own friends and be an ideal fighter. i take advantage of to challenge my friends everyday to beat Pine Tree State during this game and it’s a best thanks to pay your free time.



So what ar you anticipating, if you haven’t put in this game nonetheless, head to Google Play store and install currently.


Tips for Playing Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia


  • To improve rocket boot speed, battle royal whereas flying. Meleeing can provide you with an additional boost. Oh yeah, this additionally works for walking.
  • Crouch(or squat) once a bomb comes close to you, and you may take reduced injury.
  • once you have defend and a bomb is thrown, lower down the defend and save your life.
  • have you ever been bored with individuals chatting and not hurrying up thus you'll be able to pwn noobs? Copy and paste “i wish to move-it” into the chat bar and also the game can automotive vehicle begin.
  • Never get into a combat with a professional player WHO has high scores and skill.
  • Avoid victimization weapons like piston that doesn't create a strong impact on enemies.
  • Always, keep the weapon reloaded before partaking into a battle.
  • Keep the fly power (blue bar) full once-ever attainable in order that it'll be helpful when making an attempt to flee from a battle.
  • Avoid entering into the center of the attack that is been administered between different players unless knowing the way to kill them each.
  • Committing suicide could be a more sensible choice once the health is low instead of giving the points to the opposite player by killing.
  • once a bomb has been thrown on you, sitting down would facilitate the player to possess less impact on one’s health.
  • Place the poison bomb (green grenade) within the place wherever the opponents would spawn that may kill the opponent mechanically.
  • strive obtaining the powerful like scattergun, rifle, sniper, armament throughout the combat.
  • create a wise use of double guns.
  • protect and a small-arm or revolver would create a good defence furthermore as offence.
  • No use in moving into a combat with hackers, as they'd be in god mode.
  • armament is that the most powerful weapon, if you recognize to aim and shoot.
  • rifle and a killer weapon could be a nice combination for long and short vary encounters.
  • Replace the weapons as shortly as attainable if the ammunition get low while not spare ammunition to reload.
  • Lower the protect once the bomb is being thrown at you may save one’s life.

You will be conjointly awarded with ranks for increasing the expertise level. the various rank levels were already explained higher than. Your expertise level also will increase in conjunction with battle points after you play on-line multiplayer battles or fast play.



How to buy items from Mini Militia store?

You can head over to store by selecting Settings -> Store choice


A total of fourteen things ar obtainable to shop for on the mini militia store.


They are;


  • Boost Regen
  • Health Regen
  • Boost Increase
  • Aquila chrysaetos
  • Increase Accuracy
  • Grenade +1
  • Melee +10
  • side arm Clip Extender
  • Rifle Clip Extender
  • optical device Sight
  • Gas bomb
  • quicker Reload one
  • quicker Reload a pair of
  • Mask Pack one

Experience intense multiplayer combat with up to six players on-line or exploitation native wi-fi. Train with the Sarge and sharpen your skills in offline coaching, Co-op and Survival modes. Shoot a large number of weapon sorts together with the marksman, scattergun and weapon system.


Features explosive on-line and native multiplayer warfare! Intuitive twin stick shooting controls. Open world maps utilizing rocket boots for extended vertical flight. Zoom management, scrimmage attacks and twin wield ability with trendy and art movement significant duty weapons and grenades. Play team based mostly battles during this fun cartoon themed cross between Soldat and Halo.


Doodle Army two mini Militia aka DA2, supported the initial stickman shooter Doodle Army, was created supported player feedback and suggestions. we tend to like to hear your concepts therefore thanks and keep them coming! provides a decision intent on Sarge from the in-game email link! Block ads in mini militia .


Purchase the pro Player Pack ios to urge full access to twin wield ability, further avatar customization things and on-line weapons like the launcher, rifle, laser, saw gun and more!


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